Overcome the Temptation: Don’t Drive Distracted

homeowner mistakes to avoid

Do you text while driving? Or, check your e-mail? It’s tempting just to take a quick peek at a stop light—we know. But the data is mounting: driving distracted is serious and dangerous. Here are a few tips to help you overcome the temptation.

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Five Mistakes Even A Good Homeowners Make

homeowner mistakes to avoidHave you ever accidentally left a candle burning unattended? Or left home without turning on the security system? You probably made a mental note to yourself not to do it again but otherwise didn’t think much about it. But next time, you might not get so lucky. Read full article

Winter Storm Tip

Before the winter storm strikes, it’s important to know the weather terminology that may appear across the bottom of your television screen or on the local radio station.

winter storm safety tipsWinter Storm Watch: Severe winter weather may affect the surrounding area within the next 36 to 48 hours.

Winter Storm Warning: Severe winter weather conditions are on the way or will begin within 24 hours. Take cover and be prepared.

Blizzard Warning: Blinding snow and dangerous wind chills are expected for several hours. Sustained winds of 35 mph are expected to sweep the area. A traveler’s advisory is issued if driving conditions are expected to be dangerous or slow moving.

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